Our Team

Stuart Hoselton, ME

Stuart is a co-owner and the President of H&H Machining. He is the Secretary/Treasurer of Anvil Brand. He has his Masters in Engineering from Arizona State University, where he worked with Allied-Signal. Stuart attained his undergraduate at Illinois State University. He and his family live north of Lake Bloomington, near El Paso. Stuart manages the shop, oversees the programming of parts, and runs machines daily. He is directly involved in the machining of every project that hits our floor, and is the contact for all machining operations.

Steve Hoselton, JD

Steve is a co-owner, President of Anvil Brand, and Secretary/Treasurer of H&H Machining. A graduate of Western Michigan University Law School and Eastern Illinois University, Steve lives near Lexington with his family. He formerly worked with the machining side of our businesses, but now Steve runs the Anvil Brand side. The Anvil Brand side is a global manufacturer and seller of horseshoes, anvils, and farrier tools. Steve is the direct contact for all major Anvil Brand accounts. Together, H&H Machining and Anvil Brand design and produce different products for equine hoofcare.

Jason Bauman, Journeyman Machinist

Jason, our machine shop manager, has been with us since 1996. He came directly out of the US Navy as a machinist. He is uniquely versed in all types of machine tools: CNC, lathes (CNC and Engine), mills, and some light fabrication. A very talented and creative machinist, Jason assists Stuart on almost every project, at least through the planning stages. Our customers respect and depend on him — he sometimes even works over the weekends — and he sees that these projects are completed in a timely manner.

Shelly Brenner, BA

Shelly has her undergraduate degree from Illinois State University. Shelly is our office manager and the manager of our ISO system. She manages the office that supports both H&H Machining and Anvil Brand. Shelly handles the certification process, accounting, payroll, and the record-keeping, and can assist in any document production you may need. Shelly has been with us since 1998.

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